Holiday Travel Tips: 8 Ways to Stay Safe and Healthy While on Vacation

Holiday travel is something that many people have been looking forward to this year. However, excitement shouldn’t make travelers forget to stay safe and healthy during their journey. With that said, here are eight ways to stay safe and healthy while on your vacation, no matter where you’re going.

Mask is a must

As much as possible, try to keep wearing your face mask during your vacation. You should wear it, especially if there’s a likelihood that you will be around strangers. The mask is a safety precaution because it helps prevent the spread of the virus. It’s the best way to keep the travel industry running and start making things go back to normal slowly.

By keeping a mask on, you can help protect other travelers just in case you have some illness as well. Also, some places won’t entertain you if you aren’t wearing the mask, so you might as well avoid the hassle and have a mask handy.

Unless you’re sure that you’re in a place without other people in it, you should wear your mask whenever possible.

Stay alert

If you’re traveling outside of your local environment, you’re not going to be familiar with the area. Even if you feel that you’re in a safe place, it’s best that you still have your eye out in case there’s something suspicious.

If you’re in a touristy destination, there will be people who want to target tourists simply because they don’t know any better. You don’t want to be at the receiving end of a tourist scam, especially when you’re supposed to be on holiday. That’s why you must stay alert during the trip no matter what.

Get travel insurance

When embarking on an international trip, especially for an extended period, you might want to get travel insurance. Many people skip this step during their travel because they feel that it’s an unnecessary expense. However, you wouldn’t want to be needing insurance while out of the country only to remember that you don’t have it.

There are plenty of travel insurance policies that you can get, so do your research before anything else. There’s bound to be an insurance policy that could fit your budget and your travel needs. You should also make sure that you understand what coverage you have with your insurance. That way, you know what your coverage doesn’t cover for you.

Keep your camera secured

A camera is a piece of valuable equipment, which is why a lot of people report that they lose their cameras because someone stole them from them. Although you want your camera at the ready, you should keep your camera in a secure place. You can put it inside your backpack, or you can put it over your neck, as long as you’re sure you have a tight grip on it.

Don’t wear any jewelry

When you’re out and about in public, try and avoid wearing any jewelry. Jewelry is attractive and flashy, which means that it’s also going to attract the attention of people you don’t want to notice you. Thus, it’s best that you do not wear any jewelry at all.

Thieves can be relentless and grab it from you, not caring whether they injure you for it or not.

Know where you’re going

If you get lost, you’re in a vulnerable place because you won’t react appropriately in an emergency. That’s why as much as possible, you want to know where you’re going. Even if you have a tour guide with you, you need to know at all times where it is, you’re heading. The key to achieving this is by doing your research beforehand.

Stay cautious when hailing a cab

Many taxis will take advantage of tourists and charge a lot higher than they would for locals. That’s why, if you plan on hailing a cab, you have to stay cautious, or else you’ll be paying way more money than you should be.

Ideally, you should avoid hailing a cab as much as possible.

Sanitize your vacation home

Out of all of the available accommodation choices, a vacation home is perhaps the safest option out there. That’s because a vacation home is more private. Strangers won’t come and go around you often when you stay in a vacation home. However, it would be best if you still prepared your home to keep it safe and healthy.

According to Maid Sailors’ Hoboken cleaning service, you should sanitize your vacation home if you’re renting one out for your trip. Your host might have already cleaned the vacation home, but you can never be sure.

You can either hire a professional cleaner to do the deep cleaning for you or do it yourself. If you plan on doing it yourself, you need to bring your cleaning products yourself.


By following these tips for your holiday vacation, you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your trip. Ensure that you apply these tips if you plan on traveling to leave safe and healthy and come back home the same way.